November 17, 2022

We discussed best practices for getting your child to sleep… and helping them stay asleep.

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Our panelists included:

Sujay Kansagra, director of the Pediatric Neurology Sleep Medicine Program at Duke University Medical Center

NC Health News’ reporter Taylor Knopf, our associate editor who also covers mental health, moderated this panel.

October 20, 2022

We discussed the 40 year anniversary of the birth of the environmental justice movement out of Warren County.

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Our panelists included:

Bill Kearney, the associate minister and health ministry coordinator at Coley Springs Missionary Baptist Church and the United Shiloh Baptist Church Association in Warren County.

Angella Dunston, who was there for the first march as well as the 40-year anniversary march.

Jenny Labalme, a photographer of the 1982 protests, at which time she was a Duke University senior.

NC Health News’ reporter Will Atwater, who covers environmental health, moderated this panel.

September 20, 2022

We discussed Medicaid’s new Healthy Opportunities Pilot Program and the benefits/drawbacks.

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Our panelists included:

Sonya Jones, co-founder of Caja Solidaria.

Amy Upham, the executive director of Eleanor Health Foundation.

Madlyn Morreale, an attorney at Legal Aid of North Carolina.

NC Health News’ reporter Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, who covers rural health and Medicaid, moderated this panel.

July 21, 2022

We discussed how a new blue ribbon report out of  the National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine on nursing homes in the U.S. and how to improve them.

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Our panelists included:

Heather Burkhardt, head of the NC Coalition on Aging.

Philip Sloane served on the blue ribbon study panel. Sloan is a family physician and geriatrician who teaches at the medical school at UNC Chapel Hill and co-directs the Program on Aging, Disability, and Long-Term Care of the Cecil G. Sheps Center for Health Services.

NC Health News’ reporter Thomas Goldsmith, who covers aging, moderated this panel.

June 16, 2022

Medicaid expansion: Getting to “yes”- better policy through collaboration

We discussed how the NC Senate got to yes on Medicaid expansion and what it may take to get the NC House there.

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In this Health Care Half Hour, NCHN Editor-in-Chief Rose Hoban spoke with Casey Cooper, the CEO of Cherokee Indian Hospital; Chris Cooper a professor of Political Science at WCU; and NC State Senator Kevin Corbin (R-Franklin).

May 19, 2022

Beyond Innocence: A discussion on mental health and incarceration

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We had a conversation with author Phoebe Zerwick about her new book Beyond Innocence: The Life Sentence of Darryl Hunt. We discussed the trauma and impact of incarceration on the mental health of people in prison.

Rose Hoban, NCHN Editor-in-Chief

Phoebe Zerwick, Author of Beyond Innocence: The Life Sentence of Darryl Hunt
To read more about the book and to order your own copy, click here.

April 21, 2022

Accessing care for youth with complex behavioral health needs

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Our panelists discussed the challenges NC children with both behavioral health needs and developmental disabilities face when trying to access care, and how this challenge looks different when a child has Medicaid versus when they have private insurance.


Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, NCHN rural health and Medicaid reporter

Joonu-Noel Andrews Coste, Attorney with Disability Rights North Carolina

Delia Bailey, Parent advocate

March 2022

Juvenile justice and mental health

We apologize, due to technical difficulties this session was not recorded.

February 2022

Update on NC’s transition to managed care

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Join us for an update on NC’s transition to managed care. What are the biggest challenges facing providers and enrollees eight months in, and what can be done about them?

Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, NCHN Rural health reporter
Doug Sea – Director and attorney of the Family Support and Health Care Program at Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy  
Stacy Kozlowski, OTR/L owner of Abil-OT

January 2022

COVID testing in the Omicron era

YouTube video

NC Health News Editor-in-Chief, Rose Hoban; was joined by Dr. Laura Murray, of Cone Health medical Group, and Thomas Denny, Duke Human Vaccine Institute.

The panel talks the difference between PCR and antigen tests, the optimal time to test after an exposure, and whether or not you should try putting the tests down your throat (quick answer to that one: don’t).

November 2021

Successful reentry: Health issues facing people leaving incarceration

YouTube video

In North Carolina, some 98 percent of people currently incarcerated will eventually be released back into society, but reentry isn’t easy. Many people come back with physical health and behavioral health conditions and struggle to get the help they need.

Join us for an in-depth discussion about the incarceration experience and reentry resources.

Read Elizabeth Thompson’s recent story: Evidence-based reentry resources key for sicker incarcerated population, researchers say

Featuring: Reporter, Elizabeth Thompson; Peer Support Specialist at NC Formerly Incarcerated Transitions program, Tommy Green; and Essence Hairston, a program manager from UNC Horizons, a program for pregnant and parenting women struggling with substance use.

October 2021

Environmental justice in eastern NC

YouTube video

In eastern North Carolina, hogs outnumber the people 40 to 1, with serious impact on the community. Melba Newsome discusses her reporting on the subject here.

For the October Health Care Half Hour, editor Rose Hoban talks with reporter Melba Newsome about her recent work documenting how intensive hog farming in eastern North Carolina has impacted the environment there.

And it’s not just hogs, poultry farms are proliferating across North Carolina with little oversight.

Melba’s work has been supported by the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative.

September 2021

How assisted living centers have avoided paying millions in fines

YouTube video

For the September 2021 Health Care Half Hour, NCHN editor Rose Hoban and reporter Thomas Goldsmith spoke with Bill Lamb, board chair of Friends of Residents in Long Term Care, and Lisa Riegel, Manager, Advocacy & Livable Communities at AARP North Carolina.

August 2021

Dr. David Wohl answers your questions about the Delta variant

YouTube video

NC Health News editor Rose Hoban brings your Delta variant questions to UNC infectious disease specialist Dr. David Wohl.

July 2021

Health Care Half Hour: We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation – July 29,

YouTube video

Editor Rose Hoban talks to author Eric Garcia about his new book, We’re Not Broken: Changing the Autism Conversation.

June 2021

Mental health and the overuse of involuntary commitments in North Carolina

shows smiling people on a zoom screen, they mostly have their thumbs up
Screenshot from the June, 2021 Health Care Half Hour


Laurie Coker, mental health advocate, founder of Green Tree Peer Center in Winston-Salem

Bob Ward, Mecklenburg County Assistant Public Defender


Taylor Knopf, mental health reporter for NC Health News