shows a group of smiling people holding up a number of awards and plaques.
The NC Health News team shows off all of the awards from the NC Press Association. L to R: Anne Blythe, Jennifer Fernandez, Rachel Crumpler, Jaymie Baxley, Rose Hoban, Will Atwater, Taylor Knopf Credit: Steve Tell


Thomas Goldsmith was awarded the N.C. Coalition on Aging’s Champion Award in September 2023 for his extensive coverage of aging issues. “His reporting has been key in keeping aging issues front and center among decision makers,” the group wrote about why Goldsmith was honored.

His sister, accompanied by NC Health News founder and editor Rose Hoban, accepted the award for him:

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NC Health News wins 17 state press awards

Shows a woman holding up two plaques.
Editor Rose Hoban holds up both General Excellence awards at the NC Press Association celebration. Credit: Steve Tell

NC Health News won 17 awards in the annual N.C. Press Association contest for 2022-23. The tally includes five first place awards along with two second place General Excellence wins — for website and overall publication in the online division.

First place

Anne Blythe, ledes. Read them here, here and here.

Staff, headline writing: 

Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, feature writing, Airport therapy dogs

Will Atwater, business writing, Hog farming family charts new path

Taylor Knopf, arts and entertainment reporting, ‘Suicide Noted’ podcast

Second place

Anne Blythe, Rose Hoban and Sarah Sloan, special section, Youth climate stories: Outer Banks edition

Rachel Crumpler, profile feature, Carrying precious cargo

Rachel Crumpler and Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, news feature writing, Communities struggle with maternity care. Read the stories here and here.

Taylor Knopf and Aneri Pattani, news enterprise reporting, Tension builds around funding for opioid treatment. Read the stories here, here and here.

Taylor Knopf, investigative reporting, Seeking help and getting handcuffed

Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, education reporting, Schools struggle to retain special ed teachers 

Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, beat feature reporting, Comparing care for those with complex behavioral needs. Read the stories here and here.

Third place

Jennifer Fernandez, illustration/photo illustration/print or interactive graphics, Period Poverty

Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, education reporting, Edgecombe County HOPE program

Rose Hoban, beat news reporting, Post-pandemic, nurses navigate a rocky health care system. Read the stories here, here and here.


Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, 2023 Occupational and Environmental Medicine Media Excellence (OEMME) Award for the story: Study finds Latino workers die of occupational injuries at higher rates than other groups


NC Health News brings home 16 awards in state press contest

North Carolina Health News won 16 awards in the annual N.C. Press Association contest for 2021 (and part of 2022), including four first place awards.

First place

  • Anne Blythe, beat feature reporting for a series of stories, “How has COVID affected our teeth?”
  • Staff, education reporting, “COVID-19 creates learning gaps, challenges for teachers, parents and students.” 
  • Greg Barnes, ledes.
  • Greg Barnes, enterprise reporting, environmental justice stories. 

Second place

Third place

  • Clarissa Donnelly-DeRoven, beat feature reporting, “Drug overdoses climb precipitously in North Carolina, the US during pandemic.” 
  • Taylor Knopf, beat news reporting, “Tracking the increasing role of fentanyl in overdose deaths.” 
  • Rose Hoban, ledes.
  • Staff, multimedia project, “NC Health News: Health Care Half Hour.”

* * *


NC Health News receives 14 awards from NC Press Association

North Carolina Health News won 14 awards for the 2020 N.C. Press Association’s annual awards, five of which were first place honors for online publications.

First place

  • Greg Barnes, ledes.
  • Greg Barnes, news enterprise reporting.
  • Thomas Goldsmith, beat feature reporting.
  • Melba Newsome, news feature writing.
  • Anne Blythe, NC Health News board member Brett Chambers (a journalism instructor at N.C. Central University) and Rose Hoban, special section.

Second place

  • Greg Barnes, public service award.

Third place

  • Greg Barnes, investigative reporting.
  • Rose Hoban, beat feature writing. 
  • Rose Hoban, news enterprise writing.
  • Rose Hoban, religion and faith reporting.
  • Anne Blythe, ledes.
  • Staff, headlines.
  • Hannah Critchfield, beat news reporting.
  • Taylor Knopf, news feature writing.

* * *


NC Health News receives 15 awards from NC Press Association

North Carolina Health News won 15 awards in the 2019 N.C. Press Association contest.

First place

  • Greg Barnes, beat news reporting.
  • Yen Duong, ledes.

Second place

  • Rose Hoban, Yen Duong and Taylor Knopf, breaking news coverage.
  • Taylor Knopf, headline writing.
  • Greg Barnes, investigative reporting.
  • Anne Blythe, ledes.
  • Thomas Goldsmith, news enterprise reporting.
  • Taylor Knopf, beat feature reporting.

Third place

  • Yen Duong, arts and entertainment reporting.
  • Yen Duong, beat feature reporting.
  • Rose Hoban, breaking news coverage.
  • Greg Barnes, ledes.
  • Thomas Goldsmith, news enterprise reporting.
  • Taylor Knopf, photography feature.
  • Taylor Knopf, video.

* * *


NC Health News receives seven awards from NC Press Association

North Carolina Health News won seven awards in the N.C. Press Association’s annual contest in 2018, including four first place awards.

First place

  • Taylor Knopf, beat news, coverage of North Carolina’s opioid epidemic. 
  • Taylor Knopf, general news reporting, “For 11-year-old in ER Wait for a Psych Bed is 10 Days.”
  • Taylor Knopf, investigative reporting, “NC Prison Breaks Its Own Rules for Suicide Prevention.”
  • Rose Hoban, Thomas Goldsmith and Jared Weber, education reporting, coverage of North Carolina’s school nurse shortage.

Second place

  • Catherine Clabby, beat news reporting, “Challenging Swine Farming in Hog Country.”
  • Taylor Knopf, profile feature, “Family Ties Keep One Rural OB-GYN Practicing in Eastern NC, Despite Challenges.”

Third place

  • Rose Hoban, feature writing, “With Opioid Overdoses Rising, Medical Cannabis Gets a Second Look.”

* * *


NC Health News receives 12 awards from NC Press Association

The reporting team at NC Health News was honored with 12 writing awards for stories published in 2017. The awards were presented at the annual N.C. Press Association awards dinner held Feb. 22, 2018, in Raleigh.

Beat Feature Reporting:

1st place: Taylor Knopf There’s hope for the Increasing Number of Babies Born Opioid Dependent

2nd place: Catherine Clabby Camp Lejeune toxic water battle continues

3rd place: Catherine Clabby Fight, then flight from poultry research

Beat News Reporting:

1st place: Taylor Knopf Providers of disability services see state budget cuts passed down

2nd place: Taylor Knopf ECU helps expand telemedicine at Duplin County Schools

News Feature Writing:

1st place: Catherine Clabby Better housing for better health in Greensboro

2nd place: Thomas Goldsmith, Rose Hoban Goldsboro caskets unearthed by Matthew reveal NC “Achilles’ Heel”

Online Breaking News Coverage:

3rd place: Rose Hoban Coal ash language late addition to bill at NCGA

General News Reporting:

1st place: Staff Opioid epidemic coverage

3rd place: Thomas Goldsmith, Rose Hoban, Taylor Knopf Mental health coverage

Profile feature:

2nd place: Rose Hoban The doctor is in…the House of Representatives

3rd place: Rose Hoban Mandy Cohen: “I’m here to focus on work.”


NC Health News received 9 writing awards and was honored with First in General Excellence for Online outlets by the NC Press Association.


Rose Hoban, Media Award recognizing outstanding coverage of mental health from the North Carolina branch of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.