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Cursed at. Shoved. Punched. Bitten. Violence against doctors and nurses is rising. A new N.C. law aims to help protect them. 

By Michelle Crouch The Charlotte Ledger/ NC Health News Emergency physician Jennifer Casaletto has been cursed at, shoved, punched, spat on and bitten while trying to do her job. One patient threw a container full of urine at one of her medical residents. Another kicked her when she was pregnant.  Violent incidents against health care…

50 doctors, including a former board member, publicly decry HCA’s management of Mission Hospital system

By Andrew R. Jones Asheville Watchdog Fifty doctors, including a former member of the board of directors of Mission Hospital and a former chief of staff, have written a letter condemning what they say is HCA Healthcare’s “for-profit-driven” management after buying the nonprofit hospital system in 2019 for $1.5 billion. Dr. Robert Kline, the former board member…

Atrium Health halts lawsuits against patients for unpaid medical bills

By Michelle Crouch Co-published with The Charlotte Ledger Atrium Health, the state’s top collector of medical debt in recent years, has quietly stopped suing patients for unpaid medical bills. The change was praised by critics who have long said it’s not right for a publicly chartered, multibillion-dollar, nonprofit hospital to take patients to court for…