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Health care provided in jails likely falls short of community standards, survey says

By Rachel Crumpler On any given day, about 20,000 people are incarcerated inside North Carolina’s county jails. These individuals are more likely than the general population to have substance use disorders, mental health problems, chronic diseases and infectious diseases, according to years of research. Despite the large health care needs of this population, there is…

Cursed at. Shoved. Punched. Bitten. Violence against doctors and nurses is rising. A new N.C. law aims to help protect them. 

By Michelle Crouch The Charlotte Ledger/ NC Health News Emergency physician Jennifer Casaletto has been cursed at, shoved, punched, spat on and bitten while trying to do her job. One patient threw a container full of urine at one of her medical residents. Another kicked her when she was pregnant.  Violent incidents against health care…

Throwing a financial lifeline to rural NC health care providers

By Jaymie Baxley and Rose Hoban In recent years, lawmakers in Raleigh have fretted about how to increase access to health care for North Carolina’s 3.5 million rural residents. They have traveled the state, holding hearings for residents and health care providers outside the urban and suburban regions. Providers from those areas have traveled to…