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“One of the things that we had already realized after we got past the worst of times in late winter, early spring, is that our people were absolutely tapped out." #coronavirusnc #ncpol…


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Catherine Clabby (senior environmental reporter) is a writer and editor. A former senior editor at American Scientist magazine, Clabby won multiple awards reporting on science, medicine and higher education for the The Raleigh News & Observer. She is an alumna of the year-long Knight Science Journalism Program at MIT. Contact:

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  1. Grace says

    Thank you for changing the dates. Had a huge impact because I was born there in 1955. I knew it started before 57 because of all the little severely handicapped children that I went to school with, and thought nothing of it at the time. I was born with a cleft palate and harelip. There were a lot of children with that birth defect in my elementary school. Guess we should just be happy we survived. My mom lost a baby there, and died from liver cancer and diabetes, and my father died from stomach cancer and Parkinsons. We lived there on and off for six years, Camp Knox, Midway Park and Paradise Point. So sad that our beloved corps betrayed their faithful, loyal servants and their children this way.

    • michael swanson says

      Government created ATSDR in 1980
      ATSDR serves the PUBLIC by using the BEST science and provides TRUSTED health information to prevent….
      ATSDR funds 25 partner organizations.
      CDC mission; protects our NATION against EXPENSIVE and dangerous health THREATS. They have a PLEDGE too.
      ATSDR camp lejune reported health effectsTCE/PCE, benzene and vinyl chloride…NO PD, but neurological effects.
      ATSDR I found term cerebelar ATAXIA.
      ATSDR states the chemically tainted drinking water didn’t pose an increased cancer risk..that report was used to DENY claim(s) A month after the SUBvommittee hearing, ATSDR rescinded some of its findings.
      ATSDR report on a BOMD TESTING site in VIEQUES, PUERTO RICO, testing ammunitions that contained DEPLETED URANIUM and other TOXINS wern’t harmful to the people living there, it MODIFIED this report too
      FRUMKIN/2005 NAMED director, he was aware of the agency problems but did little to fix them UNLESS under POLITICAL PRESSURE.
      ATSDR/2007 FORMALDEHYDE FUMES in FEMA trailers (KATRINA/HURRICANE VICS) were nothing to WORRY about/
      ATSDR very RARELY, if ever, gets a PEER reviews, they see opinions of outside scientists as UNWELCOME and MEDDLING.
      ATSDR, FEMA came to them and said WE “have been SUED”
      ATSDR, ProPublica reported to FRUMKIN that ATSDR (BOTCHED) a study on trailers provided to KATRINA victims.
      ATSDR creates a (CAP) COMMUNITY ASSISTANCE PANEL for the camp lejune site. statement; This shows at the VA they are more interested in POLITICS and protecting their turf and their BONUSES than FULFIL their MISSION to assist veterans. If they dole out cash, other veterans would want some too.

      this comment has been truncated because of excessive length

  2. Andy says

    Back when MBC awareness groups could have held meetings in a phone booth . The Le Jeune toxic waste scandal was a 60 Minutes topic. IIRC the USN was in complete denial at the time. Mike Partain is the guy who kicked the lid off. Dark days for MBC Awareness. Mike’s was advanced before diagnosis caught it. Men did’nt have breasts and those who did,hid them. Now 20 yrs later, they are niggling on dependent care. The Service is rough on dependents. My wife flew across the the Atlantic on MATS DC3s when she was an Air Force brat. Keep out lasting the bastards, Mike.