map shows vacancies for school psychologists in different regions of the state
The southeastern part of North Carolina has the most vacancies of school psychologists in NC. Map courtesy: NC Dept of Public Instruction

One reply on “Legislature Could Ease the Way for Out-of-state School Psychologists To Practice in N.C.”

  1. The national average salary for a school psychologist with an Ed.S. degree is not $63,000. Perhaps NC isn’t getting enough school psychologists because they actually think that’s the average salary. I know many places that offer close to $80,000 or actually offer that amount or more for the average pay. As an intern, I made $62,000. So, I guess I made your “national average salary” the first year I worked? Oh, I don’t live in a highly populated state either.

    Go where the opportunities are. Obviously the opportunities aren’t in NC. You’re fooling yourselves if you don’t think that salary isn’t the main issue.

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