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What is North Carolina Health News?

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Founded in November 2011 as a North Carolina nonprofit, NCHN is an independent news organization devoted to covering health care in the state. We are serious about our independence and are not affiliated with any political party, special interest organization or activist group. Our mission is to fill the widening gap in media coverage by creating a substantive website that will provide crucial information about health care in North Carolina. NCHN will feature original stories and feature stories written by experienced health journalists Rose Hoban,  Taylor Sisk and others.

North Carolina Health News will also link to health articles written by other media outlets and offer a resource guide for North Carolina consumers to help them navigate an increasingly complex health care system.

Why is North Carolina Health News a nonprofit?

Nonprofit journalism is a growing media trend, combining a nontraditional business model with a traditional commitment to journalistic standards. Being a nonprofit is also a fiscal expression of our editorial independence.

Several nonprofit journalism organizations have sprouted successfully on a national and state level in the past five years, including ProPublica nationally and Raleigh Public Record and the Carolina Public Press here in North Carolina.

Kaiser Health News is a national news organization solely covering health care, while Georgia Health News, Health News Florida, and the Kansas Health Institute News Service each report on health care in their respective states.


North Carolina Health News will accept sponsorship agreements from reputable organizations in order to sustain and advance our mission. With a sponsorship, your organization can display your logo, web address, and/or other identifying information on the main page or other pages of North Carolina Health News. For information about sponsorship, please contact Rose Hoban, at

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