Shows cars on a highway with signs overhead, the skyline in the distance and a Coca Cola sign reading "made in Charlotte"
We are excited to partner with The Charlotte Ledger. Credit: Max Eddy / Flickr Creative Commons

We are excited to work with The Charlotte Ledger to write articles focused on health care and the companies and institutions that deliver it in the Charlotte region.

Readers of both our publications have pointed out an emerging need for stepped-up independent coverage of important health-related decisions that affect health care for hundreds of thousands of patients, at a time when many legacy media organizations have scaled back.

The partnership will allow readers of both publications to have access to enhanced health care coverage, as well as any other media outlet that would like to republish the articles it produces.

All articles published in partnership with The Charlotte Ledger can be read below.

Hospitals are swamped with kids battling respiratory viruses that aren’t COVID

By Michelle Crouch Co-published with Charlotte Ledger Jamie Sweeney of Charlotte, a former pediatric nurse, didn’t worry too much when her 7-week-old baby Sully first developed a cough. But over the next few days, Sully’s coughing got worse, each episode rattling his tiny body. When Sully stopped eating and started acting lethargic on Oct. 10,…

Tryon Medical drops insurance plan, panicking patients

By Michelle Crouch Co-published with Charlotte Ledger As tensions escalate nationally over health care costs, insurers and health care providers are increasingly playing hardball in their contract negotiations, creating stress and confusion for patients.  That phenomenon was on display this past week in Charlotte, where Tryon Medical Partners – the largest independent primary care practice…