Photo courtesy: North Carolina National Guard
Shows an older man in a checked shirt and baseball cap looking straight at the camera
Palmer Bryant, 78, of Pembroke, believed that his faith would bring him a better house when an older was destroyed in a storm. Photo credit: Thomas Goldsmith

Governor Proposes Mental Health, Housing Funds in Florence Relief Budget

Faith, Neighbors, Governments Team to Aid Recovery of Florence Survivors

Florence Adds to Woes of Struggling Water and Sewer Systems

Nearly Half of Tar Heels Killed by Hurricane Florence Were 70 or Older

A young man wearing scrubs and facing the camera talks to two women at a hurricane relief clinic in eastern North Carolina
Martin Roldan Auffant, a third year medical student from Puerto Rico, helps the migrant farm worker community after Hurricane Florence. Photo credit: Courtesy of Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC).

After Florence, Medical Relief Team Serves Migrant Farmworkers

Studying Bacteria In Florence’s Wake

Residents of Counties Hit by Florence Can Get Extra Help with Food

Shows a boarded up cottage with plywood over the windows. On the plywood is spraypainted: "Go Away FLorence"
Owners of this home near Morehead City made their feelings about Hurricane Florence. Photo credit: Taylor Knopf

Florence Adds to Stress for Seafood Industry

Telephone Becomes Lifeline for Mental Health Clients During Florence

Florence: Nasty Water, Mounting Damage

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shows detail of a road that's washed away, with an exposed pipe gleaming in the sunlight
A view of the washout on Middle Sound Loop Road in Wilmington on Sept. 20, 2018. Courtesy of the NC Department of Transportation



Crews Scramble to Save Imperiled Water Line Near Wilmington

Pay Attention to Mental Health After Florence

Medical and Other Supplies Fly Their Way to Florence Flooded Areas

shows a woman wrapped in a blanket that reads "American Red Cross"
Gladys Meadows, the former mayor of Trenton, stayed at the shelter set up at UNC Chapel Hill’s Friday Center after evacuating. Photo credit: Rose Hoban

Inside an Emergency Medical Hurricane Shelter

Displaced by Florence, Floating Caskets Again Trouble Goldsboro Cemetery

Keeping Safe After Florence

shows a woman grimacing as she gets a shot in the left arm
There’s plenty of health effects of exposure to that floodwater. Don’t become a statistic! Photo credit: Rebecca Tobin, MD

Hurricane Florence Highlights Need For Donors, Consumers To Be Wary

State Stands Up Specialized Medical Shelters for Sicker Evacuees

Flooded in and sick? Talk to a doc on the phone or online.

shows a large tractor trailer with punched out sides, the paint job reads: MED-1
MED-1 is a mobile facility housed in a 53-foot tractor-trailer which expands into a 1,000-square-foot hospital and includes a surgical suite. It was deployed to the coast during the storm. Photo credit: Yen Duong

Mobile Hospital Headed to Florence-affected Areas to Provide Support

Florence Cuts Off Access to Wilmington, Disrupting Water Supplies in Coastal Town

shows an old man with a sharp gaze sitting in a room with many cots and blankets
George Alsberg, 103 years old, lives in Wilmington and was likely one of the oldest voluntary evacuees of Hurricane Florence. Photo credit: Taylor Knopf


At 103, George Alsberg Is One Of Hurricane Florence’s Oldest Evacuees

Eastern Hospitals Not Taking Any Chances with Florence

Tough Choices on Evacuating Assisted Living Residents in Disasters

satellite image shows Hurricane Florence approaching the coast. It's massive.
A satellite image of Hurricane Florence as it approached the Carolinas on the morning of Sept 12, 2018. Photo courtesy: NOAA/ National Hurricane Center

Got Meds? Refill Necessary Prescriptions Before Florence Arrives

When Hurricanes Threaten, Older People Need Special Assistance