N.C. Governor

Shows two men, Dan Forest in front of a flag and Roy Cooper in front of a blue background, both men are running for governor
The N.C. Governor Roy Cooper (right) and Lt. Governor Dan Forest (left) square off for the state’s top office.

Gov. Roy Cooper and Lt. Gov. Dan Forest have very different health care plans for North Carolina in a race that’s considered a bellwether in a “purple” state.

Roy Cooper, Democrat, incumbent

Dan Forest, Republican

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N.C. Attorney General

Shows two smiling white men wearing formal shirts and ties. They're both running for attorney general of North Carolina in a state race.
Josh Stein, left, and Jim O’Neill, right, are vying to be the state’s top law enforcement officer.

The race for attorney general is expected to be a close one between Democrat Josh Stein, who has held the position since 2017, and Republican Jim O’Neill, who has been Forsyth County’s  district attorney since 2009.

Jim O’Neill, Republican from Winston-Salem

Josh Stein, incumbent Democrat from Raleigh

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U.S. Senate

shows two white men, both in suits, facing the camera
Cal Cunningham (left) is looking to knock incumbent Thom Tillis (right) out of his seat in the U.S. Senate.

North Carolina’s junior Sen. Thom Tillis and Cal Cunningham, a lawyer and Army Reserve officer, battle for votes in a state race with much national interest.

This race is topping the charts on dollars spent in a race that could decide the balance of the U.S. Senate. 

Cal Cunningham, Democrat from Raleigh

Thom Tillis, Incumbent Republican from Huntersville

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Unsure of who your Congressional representative is? There are a number of ways to find out:

At the NC Board of Elections website you can find your absentee ballot by putting in your address: CLICK HERE. (this link will also let you know if your registration is current)

At the NC General Assembly website, you can find your national and state representatives by putting in your address: CLICK HERE.

Want to vote early? This Board of Elections website page will help you find early voting locations in your county: CLICK HERE.

Moved recently? Registration expired? This Board of Elections page will walk you through the process of casting a ballot. CLICK HERE.

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Congressional District 1

1st Congressional District

Experience meets conservatism in race for NC’s 1st Congressional District. Longtime congressman G.K. Butterfield, a Democrat from Wilson, faces political newcomer Sandy Smith, a Republican from Winterville. Here is their stance on health-related issues. 

G.K. Butterfield, incumbent, Democrat from Wilson

Sandy Smith, Republican from Winterville. 

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U.S. Congressional District 2

2nd Congressional District 

Former state representative/attorney Deborah Ross and Army vet/former White House staffer Alain Swain are squaring off for the newly legislated NC U.S. District 2, with the pandemic, Medicaid and the ACA on the list of voters concerns.

Jeff Matemu, Libertarian from Raleigh

Deborah Ross, Democrat from Raleigh

Alan Swain, Republican from Raleigh

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U.S. Congressional District 3

3rd Congressional District

Farrow, a Democrat who is new to politics, could have a tough time defeating Murphy, a Greenville urologist, in a district that leaned toward President Trump in 2016. 

Daryl Farrow, Democrat from Trenton

Dr. Greg Murphy, Republican incumbent from Greenville

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U.S. Congressional District 4

4th Congressional District

A political newcomer upset with how President Donald Trump and his administration have been treated challenges a long-serving Democrat who voted for impeachment.

David Price, Incumbent, Democrat from Chapel Hill

Robert Thomas, Republican from Durham

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U.S. Congressional District 5

Fifth Congressional District

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx did not respond to North Carolina Health News’ requests for an interview, or an emailed statement, regarding her positions on these issues. David Wilson Brown provided his positions on seven issue areas. 

Dr. Virginia Foxx, Republican incumbent from Greenville

David Wilson Brown, Democrat from Charlotte

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U.S. Congressional District 6

6th Congressional District

With redistricting, the 6th district has become more competitive for Democrats. Three-term incumbent Mark Walker stepped away from running, leaving this race between two newcomers. 

Lee Haywood, Republican from Summerfield

Kathy Manning, Democrat from Greensboro

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U.S. Congressional District 7

7th Congressional District

Former state legislator and current Congressional incumbent Rouzer opposes Obamacare. Newcomer Ward admits it’s not perfect, “but neither is having 20 million Americans uninsured.”

David Rouzer, Republican from Four Oaks

Chris Ward, Democrat from Tabor City

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U.S. Congressional District 8

8th Congressional District 

With redistricting, the 8th district became much more competitive. This race pits a long-time political operative incumbent against a long-time attorney and judge in what’s shaping up to be one of the most competitive races in the state. 

Richard Hudson, incumbent, Republican from Concord

Patricia Timmons-Goodson, Democrat from Fayetteville

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U.S. Congressional District 9

9th Congressional district

Dan Bishop, a Republican who secured the seat on a narrow margin during a special election in 2019, is running against Democrat Cynthia Wallace for the district, which includes counties from Bladen and Cumberland to the east to a portion of Mecklenburg to the west. Last year, during the special election, the seat was competitive, will it be again this year?  

Dan Bishop, Incumbent, Republican from Charlotte

Cynthia Wallace, Democrat from Charlotte 

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U.S. Congressional District 10

10th Congressional District

Incumbent Patrick McHenry, an eight-term congress Republican, is running against Democrat David Parker for the safely Republican district, which includes counties from Catawba in the south to the Virginia border.  

Patrick McHenry, Incumbent, Republican from Lincoln County 

David Parker, Democrat from Iredell County

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U.S. Congressional District 11

11th Congressional District

The 11th district has sat empty since March 2020, when former Republican representative Mark Meadows resigned his seat to serve as chief of staff for President Donald Trump. Republican Madison Cawthorn and Democrat Moe Davis are first time candidates in a widely watched contest. 

Madison Cawthorn, Republican from Hendersonville

Moe Davis, Democrat from Shelby

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U.S. Congressional District 12

Twelfth Congressional District

Congresswoman Alma Adams is running unopposed in North Carolina’s 12th District, a heavily Democratic district. 

Alma Adams, Democrat from Charlotte

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U.S. Congressional District 13

13th Congressional District

Incumbent Ted Budd, a two-term House Republican, is running against Democrat Scott Huffman for the district, which includes the solidly red counties that stretch from the northern suburbs of Charlotte to Greensboro.

Ted Budd, Incumbent, Republican from Davie County

Scott Huffman, Democrat from Cabarrus County

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