Since publishing a story on a ramp-building program in 2012, North Carolina Health News has received multiple inquiries about how to get a ramp built.

We have no way to build a ramp for you,

…but we talked to several physical therapists for ideas and resources about how to get a ramp built.

Getting a ramp built cheaply, or for free:

wheelchair accessiblity signInquire with your local Boy Scout Troop. There’s almost always an Eagle Scout looking for a project.

Baptist Men’s Association – located in most counties. Statewide information number: (800) 395-5102 ext. 5599

Local high schools – kids need service projects, they also need projects for shop classes. Call your local principal.

Your church.

If you can afford to build or buy your own ramp:

The materials can be costly: For every 1 inch of rise, you need a foot of run. That means, for one 6-inch step, you need 6 feet of ramp. So, space can be an issue.

Ramp leading to the first of a flight of steps.
Creating a ramp that’s the correct height and at the correct angle can be more complicated than you think! Photo credit: Richard Elzey, Flickr Creative Commons

If you’re a renter you may have to pay full cost of construction and installation AND pay the cost of removing it when you leave.

Who’ll build it for you?

Go to Lowe’s or Home Depot and ask around in the wood section. All the local construction guys hang out there and the people who work there may just know someone.

Am-ramp is a company you can rent or purchase a ramp from, but according to the physical therapists we spoke to, they can be pricey.

Craigslist – some people have used ramps and no longer need them.

Local “durable medical equipment” companies. Put those words into Google with your town’s name, they may have a 6’-10’ pre-fabricated ramps for sale.

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