shows a jagged line that gets higher as it moves to the right (with time), representing the trajectory of newly identified COVID cases in North Carolina generally upward, then a slight bend downward

Since the beginning of June, the number of cases reported each day has trended upwards. The blue lines represent the daily totals, the yellow line is a seven-day average, which is less jagged and gives a better sense of the trends. According to Health and Human Services Sec. Mandy Cohen, the number of positive cases each day has started to decline after a peak of 2481 new cases identified on July 18. “Seeing glimmers of potential progress, does not mean we can let up, it means it’s time to double down. While we’re stabilizing, these trends are still high, adding nearly 2000 new cases per day is still a lot of new cases,” Cohen said. Screenshot courtesy: UNC TV

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