Abortion Presser – STevens

a white woman stands behind a podium. She's flanked by a group of other white women.

Rep. Sarah Stevens takes questions during a Tuesday evening press conference with reporters on the Republican’s new proposed 12-week abortion restrictions. With Stevens were a group of women Republicans who had been part of a group that hashed out the proposal. (R to L) Rep. Kristin Baker (R-Concord), Rep. Jennifer Balkcom (R-Hendersonville), Rep. Donna White (R-Clayton), Sen. Lisa Barnes (R-Spring Hope), Sen. Amy Galey (R-Burlington), Rep. Diane Wheatley (R-Fayetteville), Rep. Erin Paré (R-HOlly Springs), Sen. Vickie Sawyer (R-Mooresville) and Sen. Joyce Krawiec (R-Winston-Salem). Credit: Rose Hoban

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