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Are you a blog?

That depends on how you define a blog. If a blog, to you, is someone sitting in their pajamas spouting off on the internet, then we’re definitely NOT a blog.

If a blog can be a collection of professional writers researching and writing about a complicated topic, then, yes, you could call us a blog.

But we prefer to call ourselves a news service, because that’s what we are: reporters dedicated to learning as much about what’s happening in the health care world in North Carolina as possible and presenting it to you with as much bias stripped out as we possibly can.

Our status as a news organization is bolstered by the fact that several other news organizations carry our work on a regular basis: The Charlotte Observer, Kaiser Health News, Raleigh Public Record, Carolina Public Press. Our reporters have been appeared as subject matter experts on WRAL-Raleigh and News 14 Carolina, and recently we were contacted by none other than the Daily Show to fact check some information.

We’re hoping to add to that list through 2013.